We take our commitment to you very seriously, which is why we lay out our service promise to you.


​Full Vehicle Inspect pre-collection and post-delivery

We will carry out a full 50+ point survey of each vehicle before we load it onto one of our transporters. All the information is digitally captured on our handheld devices and photo's are captured to support the vehicle inspection.

​Professional, polite and trained employees

Delivering upon our promises is made so much easier as a result of employing the best people for the job. All our operatives are fully trained, smartly presented, professional and courteous at all times. 

​Online and near real-time status updates

Customer who sign up on contract with us will also have online access to our job portal so that you can see the status of the job that you have booked and receive near real-time updates.

​If we say we can do it then we will do it

We promise never to over commit and under-deliver. Whilst we will always go that extra mile and always try to find a way to say yes, we won't set either party up to fail. We promise to work with you to find a solution that works for all involved.

​Delivering on time

Allowing for reasonable traffic conditions and other factors beyond our control, we promise to all in our power to deliver within the time window that we agree with you when accepting your booking.

​Accurate, detailed and timely proof of delivery

Electronic Proof of Delivery is available shortly after your job is completed. You will have access to our pre and post delivery vehicle inspections, photographs, comments and customer signature.

​Resolving unforeseen or unavoidable matters

If we get it wrong then we will put it right. Like anyone else we are only human and may make the odd mistake from time-to-time. We hope we never have to but if we get it wrong we promise to delight you when we put things right.

​We will keep your confidential details to ourselves

Your business is nobodies else's business and so we promise to keep sensitive commercial information confidential. We will also protect your clients personal information from unauthorised access.