Flatbed Heavy Goods Haulage

"We kept being asked if we could transport steel and wood out of the docks."

Karen Dodd - Finance Director

With a growing number of our car transporters in and out of Sheerness Docks each day, other operators from within the docks began to approach us and so we decided to add a flatbed to the fleet to test the waters and before long we had another 2 flatbeds running steel and wood out of Sheerness.

We can either price by the job or agree a standard contract pricing structure based on the type of heavy goods and the cost per mile to move your heavy goods.

"The addition of the flatbeds to the fleet adds another string to our bow."

Garry Thelwell - General Manager

We're not just car transport specialists. We are fortunate to have a strong team, with diverse skills and experience and so we are able to turn our hand to most types of heavy goods haulage. If you want to use our flatbeds, or even contract us to move your own trailers, then we can accommodate your needs. 

Some of our clients - References can be obtained on request.